The Work

Ministering for our LORD

Church Planting – video clip coming soon

Agi Baptist
Kaveve Baptist
Soma Baptist
Hegu Baptist
Bible Baptist @#6 Wandumi

New Mission Work @ Mt. Kaindi

Bible School – video clip coming soon

Hundreds of God called men have been instructed in God’s Word and are serving throughout Papua New Guinea. In the near future our coworkers and I are expanding our school to meet the needs of our English speaking people. We will be offering a four year Bible course for our English speaking men.

Literacy – video clip coming soon

Literacy-the ability to not just read or write words, but to comprehend the symbols that represent these words. In Papua New Guinea approximately 44% of the population cannot read and write any of the basic languages. In addition to this according to the 2007 literacy survey 36% of all primary school graduates are unable to read or write. This has formed a major barrier in many people’s spiritual life. To develop leadership within the churches and community we found it necessary to develop a pidgin literacy curriculum, thus we have taught hundreds of men and women to read and wright the pidgin language, for the purpose of reading the Bible and growing spiritually.
Religious Instruction classes in the public school

Each year our Bible School students and coworkers minister to over 1,000 students in the public schools. Each week we have the opportunity to teach, preach and distribute Bibles to the students.