Sending Church: Harvest Baptist Temple

It has been my great privilege to know the Gary Keck family for over eighteen years. During that time I have counted it a blessing to be their Pastor and friend. While I’m aware that most missionary families serve the Lord faithfully with intense devotion and determination (thank the Lord for every one of them), I can confidently assure you that Gary and Verda Keck have served their Lord with the utmost dedication, integrity, and sincerity. They love the Word and are great soulwinners. They have a deep passion for building churches for the glory of God. They have endured many hardships and life-threatening circumstances to preach the Gospel to the unsaved living in the jungles of New Guinea. Through it all, they have demonstrated themselves to be faithful, long-term missionary servants of Christ, undaunted by difficulties, unswerving in their purpose. They are truly, by trial and testimony, “servants” of the Most High God.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Bob Gass
Sr. Pastor
Harvest Baptist Temple
Medford, Oregon